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Auto Dealer Fraud Poses Serious Safety Concerns

We are a firm that engages in consumer protection, class action, and sexual abuse litigation. We represent individuals, not companies. As part of our consumer protection practice, we often get asked to help out folks who have been victimized by auto dealer fraud.


Ryan recently approached us because he purchased a vehicle that was represented to be in good shape. It turned out, however, that the dealer failed to tell Ryan that the vehicle was actually totalled and rebuilt and presented a serious safety risk for Ryan and his child to be driving. Ryan was astonished and left with little options, as he could not afford a lawyer.


We stepped in, represented Ryan on a contingency basis, and got him the remedies he deserved. Ryan recently left us the following review. Thanks, Ryan, for letting us help you out:


“I bought bought car from a car lot here in Spokane, a month or 2 after buying it, I noticed it had a salvaged title sticker on the door sill, the car lot never disclosed the fact that this car has previously been totalled. I then ran into some tough times and the vehicle was repoed. I called Mack Mayo and he informed me that I definitely had a case and to bring all of the paperwork for the car to his office. Over the course of a month and a half or so, with Mack staying in close contact, he was able to get the car lot to forfeit out of court. Everything was as he said it would be and Mack made me feel very comfortable and informed throughout the whole process. Thanks Mack!!!”