The Law Office of Boyd M. Mayo, PLLC


It’s Simple:  We Help People


After years of successful complex consumer protection, class action, and sexual abuse litigation experience, Mack Mayo left a larger Plaintiffs’ firm so he could found the Law Office of Boyd M. Mayo, PLLC with a singular mission:  seeking justice for the little guy.


We believe that if you have been defrauded, injured, or sexually abused, you are not the one at fault.  You need help, you need a lawyer who will understand your problems, and you need to pass off the stress of the case to someone else.  We are that law firm.


We Level the Playing Field


The insurance companies, the large corporations, or the abusers with deep pockets will hire defense lawyers to try to drag out your claim and to pay you as little as possible for your financial or personal injuries.


We take cases big and small because we believe in the American civil justice system and that it is the only place where you, the individual, can be on an equal and level playing field with the person or company who has wronged you.


Mack has represented thousands of consumers at once in court-approved class actions against large national corporations, individual consumers who were sold defective products from local companies, and families who were torn apart by sexual abuse at the hands of a boss or a teacher they trusted most.


If You Need Help, We Are There For You


Our mission is this:  If you have been injured, we will fight aggressively on your behalf while providing you the compassion and understanding you need.  Call us today at (509) 381-5091, e-mail us at, or use our secure contact form here.


All consultations are free and confidential.