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Illegal Overdraft Fees


Spokane consumer lawyer Mack Mayo has previously been involved in litigation involving excessive overdraft fees.

These bank practices can cause consumers to incur multiple “overdraft protection” fees of $30 to $35 despite having sufficient funds in their accounts at the time of the purchase.


Previous litigation has uncovered that banks engaged in unfair practices whereby they altered the order of the debits so that the larger ones were debated before smaller.  This would typically lead to imposing more overdraft fees even where the consumer had deposited funds to cover the debits.


These practices may violate the Washington Consumer Protection Act and other regulations.  If you have been charged overdraft fees that you believe were unfair or illegal, feel free to contact Spokane consumer law firm, The Law Office of Boyd M. Mayo, to discuss your rights at (509) 381-5091 or e-mail us here.